Hello, I am Sigismar and I am a Frankish Heathen. My Hêm [Home] is in the northeast of Blōmid [Florida]. I worship the Forthira [Ancestors]Gêstos [Ghosts] and Wihta [Wights] of my Hêm in addition to my worship of the Godas [Gods]Collectively, these Hêlen [Those who make holy] make up the core of my practice and the focus of my efforts to engage in the gifting cycle.

As Hêmahêto [Household Lord] my goal for starting this blog is to document my own Hearth cult practice and translating my regional traditions into a heathen context, particularly with Frankish leanings. Reconstructive methods are my primary means of doing this along with comparative studies to parse and complete disparate sources.

I have learned much from other heathens and I frequently lurk on many heathen outlets. However, particular recognition goes to Erik Lacharity and the rest of the folks at TFA (Thia Frankisk Aldsido). They have done wonders to inspire me down this path and without them, my practice wouldn’t be what it is today.

As I said in my about me section, I will attempt to keep this page active however there will be periods of time when my oaths take me out to sea. In that time I will continue to work on content and updates provided the work schedule allows it. Maybe when I have more experience and cultus developed, I will show some insight into my practices whilst underway.

Thank you for taking time to check this out and please come back for updates.



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